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Medical Therapy Applications

When you partner with Spectrum Plastics Group, you benefit from our experience delivering plastic solutions across multiple product segments and therapeutic conditions.  From fluid management to orthopedics to cardiology and vascular, wound care, and pharma, our plastic solutions provide critical, functional support to medical devices.

  • Orthopedics

  • Fluid Management

  • Vascular

  • Cardiology

  • Life Sciences

  • Balloon extrusions

  • Angiographic catheter sub-assemblies


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Fluid Management

Extruded solutions

Spectrum Plastics Group is the global leader and largest custom extruder of fluid management tubing for the medical device industry.  Moreover, our portfolio also features sub-assembly, finished device, and packaging solutions to a number of sub-segments in this category. 


At a steady pulse

In this market, our advanced extrusion solutions provided heart-warming solutions to medical device engineers addressing everything from angiography to aortic stenosis therapies, or transcatheter heart valve delivery systems.


Open veins of success

Spectrum Plastics Group manufactures both injection molded and extruded solutions for vascular applications.  Covering everything from microvascular anastoma to peripheral vascular catheter support microextrusions, our plastic solutions reliably facilitate and restore vascular therapies for patients worldwide.   


Soft tissue solutions

Spectrum Plastics Group provides advanced injection molding and extrusions to the Orthopedic market and its strategic surgical device companies.  Target segments include sports medicine and soft tissue repair, with products including implantable and bioabsorbable/biocomposite components.