Laser Processing

We are experts at the laser manufacturing of high-precision products.

As a full-service laser solutions provider, we manufacture high-precision parts to exact specifications, in the most efficient and cost-effective way. We excel at turning even seemingly impossible designs into high-value products that exceed customer expectations.

Our custom laser ablation processes selectively remove layers of substrate or coatings from materials or components with micron-level precision. We have ability to precisely remove virtually any polymer in medical device manufacturing.

Our laser systems provide high-precision laser cutting, with micron-level tolerances. We produce very small, complex features in a variety of materials, with methods such as direct write, trepanning, and mask projection, with no heat effects or material damage.

Our high-precision laser drilling technology produces small, complex features at micron-level tolerances, without heat effects or material damage. Our methods include direct write, mask projection, and more.

Wire Stripping

Our wire-stripping process removes sections of insulation or shielding without making physical contact with the conductor, enabling the processing of delicate wires and cables.

Ultra-Fast Lasers

Ultra-fast lasers are in high demand because of their speed and precision—they can cut features as small as 0.0005 inches (13 microns) with high accuracy and no thermal damage.

Femtosecond lasers cut incredibly fine features with submicron accuracy, eliminating heat-affected zones and reducing the need for secondary finishing.

Component Webstore

Shop off-the-shelf laser array tubing

Looking for off-the-shelf laser array tubing to speed up the development process? Our webstore includes a variety of 4Fr - 12Fr Pebax® 55D and Nylon 12 extrusions with laser-cut hole configurations for a variety of drug-delivery and other medical applications.

Spectrum Plastics Group component webstore
Spectrum Plastics Group component webstore
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