Full-Service Capabilities


We have the resources to support any manufacturing need, from small, custom-engineered solutions to large-scale production.

Global Footprint

With 19 locations across 6 countries, we have the global resources to offer multiple points of manufacturing and the capacity to grow with you as you succeed.

  • 18 manufacturing locations
  • 6 countries
  • 1 million square feet of manufacturing operations
  • 20+ certified cleanrooms
  • 2,200+ employees
  • Enterprise Quality Management System

Inventory & Warehousing

Our services include vendor-managed inventory and warehousing to ensure that you always have stock available when you need it. This way we always have product on the floor, in case a customer runs out of material and requests more on short notice.

  • Ensures you’ll always have product
  • Make and hold program helps eliminate rush orders
  • Saves warehouse space
  • Eliminates long lead times
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