Laser Processing


Our laser systems provide high-precision laser drilling, with micron-level tolerances. We produce very small, complex features in a variety of materials, with methods such as direct write, trepanning, and mask projection, with no heat effects or material damage.


Many manufactured parts today call for microscopic features that can only be created with laser drilling. This highly adaptable, versatile, and reliable micromanufacturing process is used in a broad range of industries. We customize our laser manufacturing and post-laser processing to match your unique drilling needs, optimizing applications such as micro holes, hole arrays, blind wells, and specialized portals.

High-Precision Features

Micron-scale holes as small as 5 microns in diameter can be laser-drilled in a variety of patterns with the highest precision, without burrs or residual material that can plug holes. This is especially critical for embolic protection devices, infusion catheters, and drug-delivery catheters, which rely on high densities of tiny laser-drilled holes to administer drugs at constant rates. In fact, laser drilling can create microscopic features that no other form of machining can deliver.

Quality Control

Compliance and validation processes are continuously monitored and adjusted to maintain an effective quality management system, with tight tolerances in the sub-micron range. We often drill features that are too small to be seen by the naked eye. Our tools for performing visual inspections on your parts and products include high-powered microscopes and specialized instruments for micro-measurement of linear dimensions, height, depth, and 3D profile.

Extra challenges can arise when holes are required on the sloped or conical surfaces of balloons, which requires special fixturing. Multi-axis positioning controls and inline optical inspections are required during production to assure quality and repeatability. These methods are often developed in-house and are especially valuable for customizing unique balloon shapes and sizes.

Success Through Collaboration

Laser drilling will continue to advance as companies propose more complex designs, materials, and added functionality. Often our best solutions result from working directly with the customer’s engineering teams, early in the design process, to create a customized laser-drilling process that pushes the technical limits of laser micromachining.

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