Flexible Packaging & Film

Performance Films

We offer a wide array of single-layer and coextruded films that interface with automation for thermoforming and flow-wrap applications.

Commodity poly bags by SPG

Monolayer Film

This film blends of a variety of polyethylene resins from LLDPE to HDPE, creating high-quality films for bags, liners, and printed substrates.

Coextruded Film

Our coextruded films are multilayer structures of various polyethylene resins used for linear tear films, abrasion- and puncture-resistant films, and peelable applications.

Form, Fill & Seal Packaging

Our high-performance, bottom-forming webs are designed to meet the most demanding sterile thermoforming applications. These webs provide excellent puncture, abrasion, and crack resistance with a wide forming and sealing window. A variety of bottom-forming webs are available, include with coated and uncoated Tyvek® which offers superior microbial barrier and sterile integrity at point of use, and papers.


  • 3 mil–6 mil

Key Attributes

  • Flexible
  • Puncture resistant; allows for material reduction (downgauging)
  • Comparable tensile properties to nylon
  • Superior cornering > 1 mil thickness


  • Custom design
  • Material selection
  • Sealing technology
  • Moisture vapor barrier
  • Durable ink print technology
  • Converting

Interested in a non-medical application? We extrude and convert blown film into applications for the industrial and food and beverage industries through our PPC Industries Inc. brand.


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