Injection Molding

Implantables & Bioresorbables Molding

Implantable and bioresorbable materials pose unique preparation, processing, and handling challenges. As a pioneer with these materials, we have expertise and dedicated resources for manufacturing implantable and bioresorbable plastic components.

Implantables and bioresorbables molding by SPG

Implantable and Bioresorbable components

Implantable component for an ENT application

We’ve developed a specialized expertise with implantable PEEK, the full range of bioresorbable materials, and other engineered materials approved for implant.


  • PEEK
  • TPU
  • PC
  • ABS
  • PSU
  • PPSU

Products / Applications

  • Miniaturized screws and fasteners; metal replacement
  • Products and components hold bone, tissue, ligaments, etc.
  • Devices for ligament reattachment, anastomosis of small vessels, nerve reconstruction, and cranial maxillofacial surgeries


Bioabsorbables / Bioresorbables

As a pioneer in implantable and bioresorbable components, we have expertise and dedicated resources for handling these specialized materials to prevent degradation that could impact performance, from the time the material comes in the door to the production floor to when the component leaves the facility. Applications range across sports medicine, trauma, cardiology, cosmetic surgery, and oncology/neurology.


  • Biopolymers: PLLA and other PLA-like derivatives (PLD, PLDL, PLC, PLG, PLDL, PDLG, PG, PLGA)

Products / Applications

  • Suture anchors and screws, fasteners, staples, attachments and ties
  • Fixation devices (stomach muscles)
  • Microvascular anastomosis devices
  • Bone & tissue scaffolding
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