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High Pressure Braided Tubing

We’re a leading full-service manufacturer of high pressure braided tubing (HPBT) for vascular balloon inflation, contrast injection, vacuum procedures, and other interventional needs.


Spectrum is a leading full-service manufacturer of high pressure braided tubing (HPBT). Our dedicated HPBT extrusion and braiding equipment allows us to embed with the highest precision nylon monofilament into transparent polyurethane tubing, increasing its strength, functionality, and flexibility.

HPBT tubing can be produced with single or multiple durometers along the shaft. The braid pattern can be varied to change the stiffness of the shaft along its length. Medical customers typically employ braided construction where the application requires high pressure resistance or requires navigation through small and tortuous anatomies, such as blood vessels in the heart or brain.


  • Increased radial strength and pressure resistance
  • Enhanced torque translation, tensile strength
  • Shaft push-ability
  • Kink resistance and flexibility
  • High clarity

Dimensional Specifications

A variety of lengths and dimensions for HPBT are available (see below). Made from polyurethane with braided nylon monofilament, our HPBT is available as cut lengths.

Standard Cut Lengths

  • 7-110 inches (178-2590 mm)


  • 0.071 x 0.142 inches (1.80 x 3.61 mm)
  • 0.088 x 0.188 inches (2.24 x 4.78 mm)
  • 0.110 x 0.188 inches (2.79 x 4.78 mm)

Test and Analytical Capabilities

  • Constant working pressure of 1200 psi
  • Burst pressure exceeding 1700 psi
  • Available with or without UV or solvent-bonded connectors
  • Custom functional/performance testing upon request

Medical Applications

Because of its superb flexibility and pressure resistance, HPBT is the first choice for an increasing number of procedures, including minimally invasive operations. HPBT is often also utilized for various applications including high pressure transmission of contrast media into the vascular system.

Innovation through Collaboration

We value the experience and know-how of our client partners.

The first step in the design of the HPBT is fully understanding the clinical requirements. Experienced extrusion and catheter engineers then collaborate with the client’s product development team.

Important factors to consider during product development include:

  • Dimensions
  • Manufacturing process
  • Transparency
  • Braiding
  • Mechanical and functional performance
  • Color

HPBT can also be customized to match the exacting requirements of highly specialized projects. Our customized solutions can be manufactured to precise tolerances, at high or low production volumes.

Contact us to explore tubing options and see if our HPBT is the best fit for your next tubing project.

Secondary Assembly Operations

Spectrum does more than just manufacture custom HPBT—we often assist our medical device customers with important secondary assembly operations, thereby maximizing performance and getting their products to market faster. HPBT secondary assembly operations include overmolding, pad printing, and thermal bonding/processing.

Fluid management components that relate to HPBT secondary assembly operations include connectors and fittings, female and male luers, male rotators, and suction connectors.

Component Webstore

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With our online Component Webstore, off-the-shelf shopping for high pressure braided tubing for critical medical procedures has never been easier. All our HPBT is in stock, ready to ship, and can be delivered within a few days or less. 

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Spectrum Plastics Group component webstore
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