Medical Balloons

We offer a full-service solution, including balloon design, development, and manufacturing.

Our medical balloons are formed from low-profile, highly concentric Apollo® Balloon Tubing with Earnan® Balloon-Forming Technology, which allows us to create innovative, complex custom balloons.

Balloon tubing by SPG

Our extrusions for medical balloons are engineered for optimum balloon performance, backed by decades of balloon development and production expertise.

A 4mm medical balloon by SPG

Formed using Earnan® Balloon-Forming Technology, our thermoplastic balloons are available in a range of sizes, shapes, and materials, including custom material blends and multilayer structures.

A silicone medical balloon formed by SPG

Xeridiem® silicone balloons featuring our proprietary OptimaX® Silicone Balloon-Forming Process provide industry-leading longevity, durability, and performance under harsh stomach conditions.

Medical balloons are critical medical devices that require the highest manufacturing precision and quality. Lasers create detailed, high-precision balloon features that no other methods can duplicate.

Component Webstore

Shop off-the-shelf medical balloons

Spectrum is the starting point for medical device development requiring critical catheter components. Our off-the-shelf medical balloons are available in our Component Webstore to accelerate the design and development of your next project.


Spectrum Plastics Group component webstore
Spectrum Plastics Group component webstore
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