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Spectrum is your first-call solutions provider for development through scaled manufacturing of critical polymer-based components and devices for medical and other demanding markets. We design solutions that support life-saving procedures and satisfy unique application and performance needs, while maintaining tight, repeatable outcomes.

Spectrum Plastics Group - your partner from beginning to end
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As a global leader in component and device development and manufacturing, we continue to strategically evolve to better serve our medical device industry partners.


| 3 Continents

| 6 Countries

| 19 facilities

| 2,200+ Employees

Our Promise & Core Values

Corporate Social Responsibility

There is a Spectrum way of doing things. How we behave. What we value. Fundamentally, we are a critical supplier to industries and sectors that contribute to the welfare of people across the world. Our global facilities operate in the supply chain that keeps our society healthy, nourished and protected. Our promise, core values, and the initiatives we support, advance a purpose and fulfill the needs of industry and community.


Spectrum Plastics facilities across the globe commonly support the following acts of social responsibility:

Academic Mentoring & Sponsorship
Academic Mentoring & Sponsorship
Volunteering & Community Donations
Volunteering & Community Donations
Community Involvement & Education
Community Involvement & Education
Health, Wellness and Safety
Health, Wellness, and Safety
Environmental Sustainability
Environmental Sustainability
Environmental, Social & Governance
Our Promise


To our Customers we have two promises. The first is to exceed expectations for quality, service, and total value. This means that Spectrum will do the right things right every day in fulfilling our customers’ orders. The second is to advance innovation with Spectrum capabilities, ingenuity, and expertise. This means that our customers will turn to us for their future because we can make their products and make their products better.



Our promise to our Teammates is to make Spectrum a professional home where we are secure, engaged, proud of our Team, and can grow our skills and careers in a challenging and creative environment. 


If we fulfill our promises to our Teammates and Customers, Spectrum will be well positioned for our future through investing wisely; continuously improving; enabling sustainable, cost competitive operations; and innovating market leading solutions. This promise means that Spectrum desires to be successful for the long term, not just this year or next, but for many years to come.

Core Values

Our core values represent how the Spectrum team lives every day

Spectrum is passionate about the lives our products touch, the safety of our employees, the quality & compliance of our manufacturing processes, the satisfaction of our customers, and the delivery of world class results.

As One Spectrum Team we are engaged, data driven, accountable, trusted, genuine, mutually respectful, collaborative, persistent, nimble, responsive, action oriented, and not content with the status quo.

Join our team and find your future at Spectrum Plastics Group


It’s the team at Spectrum Plastics Group that makes us a leader in this industry. It’s our employees that shape and create all facets of that full spectrum experience our partners have come to expect.

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