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Silicone Catheter Assemblies

As experts in silicone, we offer a complete catheter solution including silicone extrusion, balloon forming, shaft/funnel overmolding, manufacturing, and assembly––all backed by decades of silicone catheter innovation.

A silicone catheter assembly by SPG

Silicone Benefits

  • Visual clarity
  • Soft against the body
  • Superior biocompatibility
  • Used in the most sensitive parts of the body

Silicone Capabilities

  • Single- and multilumen extrusions
  • Balloons
  • Overmolding funnels to shafts
  • Integrating nonsilicone components

Silicone Applications

Silicone catheter assemblies by SPG

*Xeridiem® design, development, manufacturing, regulatory and private label services for silicone g-tubes and silicone Foleys.

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