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Innovation & Technology Hubs (SITHs)


Our Innovation & Technology Hubs (SITHs) are designed to solve our customers’ toughest technical challenges and act as a center of excellence for our core technologies. We demonstrate our commitment to expand what’s possible in the area of medical device thermoplastics and drive the evolution of healthcare technology.

The first hub is the extrusion hub, which focuses on developing complex extrusion profiles or new, innovative extrusion processes to create next-generation tubing and devices, furthering the medical industry. The second hub is our additive manufacturing (AM) hub, which involves innovation around 3D printing medical-grade thermoplastics. Both hubs lead Spectrum in innovation and next-generation devices.

The additive manufacturing and extrusion hubs operate independently but constantly collaborate on innovation, developing new ideas to better suit our customers' end needs.

Additive Manufacturing (AM) Hub

Additive Manufacturing (AM)

Many in the industry are challenged with non-functional or prototype-only parts as a result of additive manufacturing. Spectrum has developed technologies that allow end-use parts out of the same production materials commonly used in tubing and catheter manufacturing. Unlike many other suppliers, Spectrum uses our additive manufacturing technologies to process all medical-grade thermoplastic materials. These include nylon, Pebax®, polypropylene, polycarbonate, acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS), polylactic acid (PLA), PEEK, polyetherketone (PEK), high impact polystyrene (HIPS), urethanes, and custom materials.

We receive a wide variety of requests, ranging from "napkin-sketch" to highly detailed and specific designs and everything in between. We even had a customer design their part around 3D printing exclusively through us.

Any time is ideal for reaching out to the AM hub. Usually, customers benefit more early on as they can decide the materials, design, dimensions, etc., with quick iterations instead of going with a specific design right into larger-scale testing. However, the customer can contact the AM hub and find us beneficial at any point.

If you have a design to test out, whether it involves a tube or a 3D-printed component, feel free to contact us! We welcome challenges and constantly evolve and grow our hubs to create the next breakthrough product that better serves our customers.

Extrusion Hub


We are often asked to push the envelope with the aim of ever smaller, thinner, and tighter tolerances. For instance, we have successfully made a 1/8" diameter tube with a 0.0006" of a wall (yes, only six ten thousandths of an inch). We accomplished this in a free-air extrusion process, holding a CPK of 3.8 on the diameter and even a tighter tolerance on the wall thickness. Spectrum is well-equipped to take on such challenges, as the company is passionate about pushing the boundaries of what is possible.

Interestingly, almost all customers who work with our extrusion hub are in the early concept stages of their catheter design, still working out durometers, wall thickness, etc. That's where our extrusion hub really comes through for them. We can go through a matrix of durometers and wall thicknesses within a single day, getting them the answer promptly and enabling them to move on to the next phase of their project.

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