Medical Balloons

Silicone Medical Balloons

Xeridiem® silicone balloons featuring our proprietary OptimaX® Silicone Balloon-Forming Process provide industry-leading longevity, durability, and performance under harsh stomach conditions.

A silicone medical balloon formed by SPG


Xeridiem silicone balloons featuring our proprietary OptimaX Silicone Balloon-Forming Process results in highly acid-resistant silicone balloons with superior performance that last up to 5 times longer than currently available balloons used in enteral feeding devices.*

Our transfer molding process produces balloons with ≤2:1 ratio when measured from the center of the shaft.

Our balloons are available as individual cuffs or bonded to a silicone extrusion to form a catheter subassembly.

Silicone Benefits

  • Visual clarity
  • Soft against the body
  • Superior biocompatibility
  • Used in the most sensitive parts of the body

Silicone Balloon Dimensions

A silicone medical balloon formed by SPG's proprietary
  • Size Range
    • Urology: 8 Fr-18 Fr
    • Gastrostomy: 12 Fr-24 Fr
    • Tri-funnel and bi-funnel options
  • Volume
    • 3 cc, 5 cc, and 20 cc
  • Durometers range from 25A to 80A





* Testing for the reported data was conducted per ASTM F2528-06, Procedure G – Simulated Gastric Fluid 5.49-5.58, acid test for enteral feeding devices with a retention balloon. The “5 times longer” statement is based on results recorded at 40 days compared with the results of the second leading performers-available at the time of testing. Sizes ranging from 16 to 20 French were randomly placed in the acid tanks and results were recorded on a daily basis.

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