Glens Falls, NY

12 Glens Falls Technical Park
Glens Falls, New York 12801
Phone: 518-792-1199
Fax: 518-792-3805

Email us at sales@precisionextrusion.com 

Our upstate New York medical precision extrusion, microbore, and assembly operation was acquired in December 2015 under Pexco LLC.  This facility manufactures and supplies advanced extrusion technology to the medical community. 


The technologies and capabilities at our Glens Falls facility include: 

  • Single Lumen Extrusions 
    • OD’s up to .500”
    • ID’s as small as .0018”
    • Walls as thin as .002”
    • Tolerances as tight as ±0.0005”
    • Wire reinforced available
  • Multi-Lumen Extrusions 
    • OD’s as small as .019“, OD’s as large as .350”
    • Up to 10 lumens (typically 5 maximum)
    • Walls and webs as thin as .0025"
    • Tolerances as tight as ±0.0005”
    • Wire reinforced available
  • Co-extrusion Tubing
  • Balloon Tubing
    • Better control of some of the critical properties, e.g. elongation and tensile strength
    • +/-0.0005" tolerances both on OD and ID
    • Clear and smooth surface
    • Excellent concentricity with very uniform wall thickness
  • Core Mandrel 
    • One of Glens Falls main capabilities is the manufacturing of acetal mandrel or solid rod core extrusions for use in the manufacture of wire-reinforced or braided extruded product. This product is consistent diameter, roundness, and smooth surface provide for easy removal with low force.
  • Bump Tubing
  • Parallel Tubing 
  • Angiographic Catheters
    • Assembly design- allows for easy curve setting – tapering and perfusion port forming when required
    • Standard French sizes- providing ease of use with a wide variety of sheath introducers
    • Encapsulated stainless steel wire braid- providing kink resistance, super torque and large lumen
    • Manufacturing process- providing reliability, super smooth surface and ease of use with introducer
    • Functional lumen sizes and large lumens provide exceptional flow rate, ease of hand injection and shorter hospitalization time. 
  • IV Catheter Tubing/Cannula
    • OD up to 4mm (.157”)
    • Standard French Sizes: 14, 16, 18, 20, 22, 24
    • Tolerances as tight as ±0.001”
    • Radiopaque Stripe Configuration: 3 or 4
    • Material: PUR or FEP
    • Spooled or Cut to length
  • Secondary Operations
    • Curving
    • Tipping
    • Hole Punching
    • Flaring
    • Surface Finishing 
    • RF Welding
    • Reflow

The material range of these products encompasses most of the medical plastics spectrum, including nylon, PEBA, polycarbonate, PVC, PEEK, polyurethanes, and other compounded blends. 


Square Footage
23,000 square feet

8 extruders

In-house tooling capabilities
Tubing Extrusion
Fabrication & Assembly
Solid core extrusion

ISO 13485 : 2003  (click link to view document)

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