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About Us

Based in Atlanta and with multiple plants in North America and beyond, the Spectrum Plastics Group is a leader in the design, development, and manufacture of specialty medical plastic products. We provide standard and custom components, sub-assemblies, and finished devices to medical device manufacturers and end-users across blood and fluid management, cardiology, vascular, orthopedic, ophthalmic and many other health applications.

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Alpharetta, Georgia -- Spectrum Plastics Group announces a new divisional structure to better serve customers, improve communication and provide overall organizational efficiency.


Grow with us

Spectrum Plastics Group, the global supplier of medical device specialty components and value-add solutions, consists of four operating divisions that include Medical Tubing, Vascular Technologies, Specialty Molding and Film. Our vision today is to serve as a trusted partner and leader to the Medical Device Industry, providing comprehensive and highly engineered plastics and material solutions, which enable health restoring therapies for the benefit of patients globally.


A safe and proper team

There is a Spectrum Plastics Group way of doing things. How we behave.  What we value. Spectrum quickly turns engineering concepts into high quality products by listening to your needs and thoroughly understanding your world and its demands; your aspirations to take a concept from idea to iteration in highest quality form.


Strategic evolution

Spectrum Plastics Group has strategically evolved for almost 50 years from small, specialty plastic extrusion manufacturing to a continental specialty plastics developer, manufacturer and solutions provider for the medical device industry.


Join the team

Spectrum Plastics Group represents a new face for medical plastics.  Our name embodies our mission for our customers, to provide a full range or spectrum of opportunity. Challenging ourselves to outperform expectations at every turn, while creating solutions that fulfill our customers' customer needs.


A great business partnership

In uncertain times, the Spectrum Plastics Group is financially strong, growing and confident about its future. Our solid reputation has allowed us to become the ideal long-term partner that we are today, for customers and investors alike.