Catheter Solutions

Whether micro, braided and coiled, or steerable and/or deflectable catheters, within the Spectrum Plastics Group, we have your solution.  Our engineers and Apollo Medical Extrusion Technology have designed and built some of the most sophisticated catheter sets for the most advanced companies in the medical device world. 

Braided & Coiled Catheters

We manufacture high-performance composite shafts built to the specific demands of the job, facilitating that proper balance of control versus flexibility.

  • Catheter shafts and sheath assemblies
  • Optimized braid and coil design
  • Precise control of braid angle, coil pitch, and polymer properties. 

 Click to learn more about our quick turn braided tubing program. 


Deflectable & Steerable Catheters

The combination of your designs and requirements with our expertise and manufacturing abilities will provide the best change of achieving success on budget and on time.  We offer complete assembly services, including:

  • Overmolding
  • Skiving / Hole Punching
  • Varying pitch & durometer
  • Centerless Grinding 
  • Annealing
  • Braiding / Coiling 
  • Tip Forming
  • Solvent / UV Bonding
  • Auto & Manual Adhesive Bonding
  • RF Welding 
  • Pull wire fabrication
  • Laminating 
  • Tube Bending
  • Pad Printing
  • Drilling
  • Cutting / Precision Cutting


Micro Catheters

Through our Apollo Medical Extrusion company, the Spectrum Plastics Group has a reputation for some of the thinnest wall sections in the industry (0.0005 walls on microbore Nylon tubing), enabling high performance micro catheters.

  • Both braided & coiled configurations
  • Radiopaque marker bands
  • Atraumatic tips
  • Printed shafts
  • Torque enhancements
  • Super-lubricious engineered resin 


Low Profile Delivery Systems

The growing trend in intravascular reconstruction is the continued thinning of catheter walls and devices with ultra-low profiles. Thin-wall high pressure dilation balloons; sub-ultra-thin-wall extruded tubing; embedded ultrafine wire-reinforced tubing; low-profile steerable tips, microcatheters with ultrathin-coat PTFE lubricious inner liners combined with hydrophilic lubricious coatings to support improved vascular device delivery and the adoption of radial (beginning at the wrist) versus femoral access points.

Acquisition Announcement


Read more about the acquisition of Earnan Biomedical and how Spectrum enhances Vascular Technologies Division with balloon technology.


Comprehensive Catheter Solutions

Click the link above to view Spectrum Plastics Group's comprehensive catheter solutions for your medical device needs.