Medical Extruded Products

The Spectrum Plastics Group is the largest extruder of conventional and advanced medical tubing in the market.  From high volume capacity to small batch specialty production, both thermoplastic and silicone varieties.  Our medical tubing features catheter extrusions, single and multilumen configurations; microbore size precision and tolerances; co-, tri-, and multiple layered extrusions; paratubing; braiding, and wire encapsulation.  Materials range from PVC to polyurethanes to nylon co-polymers to polycarbonate to PEEK to silicone.  

Microbore & Multilumen Extrusion

The Spectrum Plastics Group features over 60 years of medical extrusion industry experience.  We have a unique understanding of the extrusion process that sets our quality and standards apart.  Our precision extrusion specialties include microbore single and multilumens, balloon tubing, engineered resins, mandrel core, and complex designs. 

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Silicone Extrusion


The Spectrum Plastics Group provides silicone extrusion solutions to complement our thermoplastic tubing suite of products.  Our Xeridiem silicone manufacturing and device capabilities complete a one-stop-shop solution set to your next gen medical device needs. 

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Fluid Management/Large Diameter

Fluid Management Tubing

Fabricating next-generation solutions for your medical device. Delivering tubing extrusion to precise target specification. Ensuring seamless integration into your design for maximum productivity. Count on the Spectrum Plastics Group, the nation’s leading extruder of larger diameter, flow management medical tubing, to put your operational demands first.

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Catheter Delivery Systems

Catheter Design & Assembly

Whether micro, braided or coiled, steerable or deflectable catheters, within the Spectrum Plastics Group, we have your solution.  Our engineers have designed and built some of the most sophisticated catheter sets for the most advanced companies in the medical device world. 

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High Pressure Braided Tubing

The Spectrum Plastics Group features over 60 years of medical extrusion industry experience. Our precision extrusion specialties include high pressure braided tubing, balloon tubing, engineered resins, mandrel core, and complex designs.  

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Medical Balloons

Earnan™ balloons by Spectrum Plastics Group is a recognized leader in the innovation of custom and complex medical balloon technologies and solutions.  The suite of capabilities includes textured and non-textured balloons across a wide variety of materials, including nylon, polyurethane, and polyester.  Additional developments include multi-layered balloon designs and high-pressure products. 

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Merger Announcement

Read more about the merger uniting Pexco Medical and Kelpac Medical as the Spectrum Plastics Group. 

Comprehensive Tubing Solutions

The Spectrum Plastics Group offers comprehensive tubing solutions for your medical device needs. 

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