Case Study

Adding Value to the Laser Manufacturing Process


A global microelectronics OEM asked Spectrum to drill thousands of microscopic holes in heat-resistant polyimide film for its industrial printhead components. The dense arrays of holes (17 to 40 µm diameter with 3 µm tolerance) create ultra-fine patterns that are ideal for filtering applications.

Responsiveness to client needs is critical for being a preferred partner. Spectrum also created a new plan for the OEM that addressed quality and delivery problems the company had been experiencing in its supply chain. Our engineers provided R&D phase guidance, created dedicated laser systems, and designed customized inventory controls to guarantee just-in-time delivery. We also streamlined manufacturing processes by investing in automation, proprietary optical designs, and other improvements. The customer also engaged Spectrum in its design for manufacturability process, where our input on technology, material choices, feature size, and product performance characteristics helped improve quality, reduce costs, and shorten time to market.  

The OEM is highly satisfied with project outcomes—not just the engineering and quality and inventory control, but also customer service and sales. “Spectrum has been exceptional when it comes to responsiveness, communication, and meeting our company’s commitments,” states a customer spokesperson.

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