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Mantle Metal 3D Printing

Spectrum Adds Technology Offering with Investment in Mantle Metal 3D Printing

WILMINGTON, DEL., Apr 1, 2024

Spectrum Plastics Group, a DuPont Business (“Spectrum”), a global solutions provider for development through scaled manufacturing of critical polymer-based components and devices for medical and other demanding markets, has just announced an investment in advanced metal 3D printing capabilities with Mantle. Mantle’s precision metal 3D printing technology is revolutionizing tooling component production by reducing the time and cost required to produce high-quality tools, molds, and dies. With quick iterations and speed to market being critical factors in medical device development, this capability makes Spectrum a preferred one-stop shop for faster and more efficient development iterations. Spectrum now becomes an even more compelling partner that can assist in all aspects of product development, from concept to full production, with the speed and accuracy required for the medical device industry.

The new equipment is located in Spectrum's Minneapolis location, where Spectrum's team has conducted trials to integrate Mantle's capabilities. This investment supports the company’s strategic expansion into mold-making and prototyping, enhancing current injection molding services.  Mantle enables steel prototype tools to be fabricated faster than conventional toolmaking processes, which reduces the time to achieve validated molded parts and manufacturing processes. Mantle’s technology also allows tools to be built with conformal cooling channels, which improve mold performance and reduce cycle times. By printing precise tools in popular, well-established tool steels like H13, Mantle delivers the accuracy, surface finish, and properties required for demanding tooling applications. Mantle is suitable for production, bridge, and prototype tooling and helps reduce lead times and product development costs.      

“Time to market is a top priority of our customers, and this is made possible by delivering functional prototype tooling that allows for more informed design-making. Our lead times can be as short as 4-weeks,” said Steve Yeager, Senior Program Manager, Spectrum Plastics Group. “Customers find it beneficial to reach out to us in their early-stage development because Spectrum is a one-stop solutions provider. We provide full-service solutions from initial concept to prototype to production, and we can do it more efficiently than anyone else in the industry - saving valuable time and cost.”

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