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We're in this together...Spectrum Plastics Group's COVID-19 Response

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February 10, 2021

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Dear Valued Customers,

Spectrum Plastics Group’s (SPG) top priorities during the ongoing Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic remain the safety and health of our Teammates, the quality and integrity of the product we manufacture, and the ability of our facilities to remain open so that we may provide our customers uninterrupted product supply. We would like to update you regarding these efforts.

Nearly a year ago, SPG created an internal COVID-19 Response Team (CRT) to advance SPG's response. Aligned with company leadership, the CRT developed a comprehensive action plan for business continuity and preparedness in accordance with guidance from various institutions, both local and global, including the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and World Health Organization (WHO). We have diligently sustained protective measures across our global operations for our Teammates, our products, and our customers.

These measures, some new or recent and others ongoing, include the following:
• Restricting business travel for all employees, limiting access to SPG facilities for non-employees; and issuing guidelines to employees concerning their personal travel.
• Providing comprehensive health and personal protection policies at all facilities, including temperature checks, facility interior re-design and guidelines to enable social distancing, and personal protection equipment (notably facemasks for all employees).
• Encouraging and coordinating telehealth options with licensed healthcare providers for symptoms or asymptomatic employees and families.
• Providing free of charge Covid-19 test kits and test services.
• Providing paid time off for employees or families of employees affected by Covid-19 and for employees whom we require to quarantine.
• Offering a post exposure decision tree for employees presenting COVID-19 like symptoms or who have been identified through a contact trace.
• Continuing aggressive housekeeping, hygiene, cleaning, and disinfection procedures, including protocols to address a potential positive test case or exposure risk in one of our facilities.
• Monitoring supply chain continuity and risk.

We are pleased to report that, as a result of these efforts, the risk of supply chain disruption remains low. While there is much to learn about COVID-19, rest assured that Spectrum Plastics Group remains steadfastly committed to protecting the health of our Teammates while responding to our customers supply chain needs.

Our sites continue to operate normally with support from our SPG COVID-19 Response Team while continually monitoring guidance from CDC and WHO. Further, our Response Team is ensuring that all SPG facilities are operating with the appropriate measures in place to respect any potential local / state / national shelter in place / lockdown orders.

Should you have any questions or concerns regarding your relationship with Spectrum Plastics Group or how we are confronting any new issues that arise during this continued unique environment, please reach out to your Account Representative and we will respond promptly. As always, we will inform you of any changes or updates to our plans or the status of any of our facilities.

Thomas J. Sullivan
President & Chief Executive Officer


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