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Orthopedic Implantable & Over-molding

Spectrum Plastics Group provides precision injection molding to the Orthopedic and Advanced Surgical markets.  Target segments include shoulder and knee sports medicine and soft tissue repair, for both implants and deployment system devices.   Additionally, Spectrum Plastics is an expert with metal insert- and over-molding to support a variety of surgical instrumentation across the wider orthopedic and surgical products landscape.   

Sports Medicine & Soft Tissue Repair Products

Spectrum Plastics Group manufactures precision injection molded components for the orthopedics market.  We have developed an expertise with implantable PEEK and the full range of bioabsorbable materials, including biocomposites. 

  • Miniature screws, anchors, and fasteners
  • Products and components that hold bone, tissue, ligaments, etc.
  • Cartilage, meniscal & shoulder repair
  • ACL/PCL reconstruction
  • Bicep tenodesis
  • PEEK-OPTIMA®, polyurethane, ABS/PC, polysulfone, and Solviva® Biomaterials (Zeniva® PEEK, Proniva®, Veriva® PPSU, and Eviva® PSU) as well as Evonik’s full line including Vestakeep® PEEK
  • PLLA and other PLA-like derivatives (PLD, PLDL, PLG, PLC, PDLG, PG)


Insert / Over Molding for Surgical Instruments & Implants

Metal insert- and over-molding is a core competency of Spectrum Plastics.  Metal insert- and over-molding is often an attractive option to instrument and device OEMs when legacy machined+assembly solutions begin to reach capacity constraints.  Plastic is typically less expensive than metal, and the insert- and over-molded processes reduce the number of steps required to yield final parts. 

Furthermore, our experience with engineering and specialty plastic materials has advanced a number of metal replacement and displacement applications over the years. 

Customers find our design for manufacture (DFM) disciplines combined with tight tolerance in-house tooling make for superior insert solutions that reduce cost, especially for high mix, lower volume applications.  


Spectrum Plastics product applications include:

  • Insertion Devices
  • Burrs & Shavers
  • Drill Guides
  • Deployment Instruments
  • Suture Guides
  • Implantable insert-assemblies

For low-volume hand-loaded programs, Spectrum Plastics offers horizontal and vertical presses, some with shuttles.  For mid-volume applications, we offer operator-assisted, semi-automated loading of inserts using offline loading fixtures.

Not Just Component Injection Molding

Spectrum Plastics is a full-service medical device manufacturer, with the ability and expertise to execute projects across the stage gate innovation process. 


Comprehensive Molded Solutions

The Spectrum Plastics Group is a specialist manufacturer of PLA-derived bioabsorbable and implantable medical components, suiting the orthopedic, ENT, and other relevant market applications. 

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