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Structural Heart

Product trends for structural heart applications, whether mitral or aortic valve repair and replace, or occlusion devices for septal defects, are demanding both advanced functionality and tighter size and space constraints.  Spectrum Plastics enables high performance steerable catheter and multilumen composite systems for any approach, including femoral, transseptal, transapical, and transaortic access and delivery. 


Structural Heart Offering

Product Solutions                                                                                                                                

  • Steerable catheter systems for femoral, transseptal, transapical, and transaortic access and delivery
  • Custom high-performance, multi-lumen composite systems allow precise delivery of implant or therapy
  • Integrated multi-catheter systems for enhanced access and precise delivery to any location
  • Integrated balloon technology for valvuloplasty and delivery of implant
  • Single and multi-durometer dilators for full range of delivery systems up to 30F
  • Catheter handles & other components via SPG specialty molding multi-shot solutions

Material Solutions

  • Low-friction resins
  • Advanced braid and coil configurations
  • Hydrophilic coating development
  • High performance liners (PTFE / FEP / HDPE / PEEK / Polyimide)
  • Polymer monofilaments (Nylon / PEEK / PEN / LCP)               

Technology Solutions                       

  • Single and Multilumen tight tolerance extrusions                               
  • Custom Medical Balloon development 
    (large diameter, unique configurations [dogbone, etc.], material variety, thin wall)                                                                                        
  • Braided shafts OD from 2F to 28F                                                   
  • Coiled shafts OD from 2F to 28F                                                     
  • 1,2,3 and 4 way steerable catheter configurations
  • Braiding of 16, 24, and 32 carrier configurations
  • Variable pitch braid and coil configurations                                                  
  • Integration of laser-machined hypotube structures
  • Custom dilator technologies & manufacturing

Catheter Technologies Overview

Click here for a summary of Spectrum Plastic Group's Catheter Technologies.

Spectrum Plastics Acquires Earnan Balloon Technologies

In June 2019, Spectrum Plastics Acquired Earnan Biomedical of Wexford, Ireland.