OEM Plastic Components

The Spectrum Plastics Group is a leading supplier of disposable OEM components to the medical and pharmaceutical industries. Our product line features bags, clamps, luers, caps, chambers, spikes and valves.


Spectrum Plastics Group offers the largest selection of male luers, female luers, luer adapters, and connectors. 


Our offering includes:

  • Male luer
  • Female luer
  • Luer lock



Spectrum Plastics Group offers single-use one, two, and three port medical bags for the preparation, storage and transport of fluids and biopharmaceutical solutions.


Our offering includes:

  • Collection bags
  • Eva bags
  • Heating bags
  • PVC bags
  • PVC-free bags
  • TPN bags


Spectrum Plastics Group offers a variety of single-use and multi-use clamps in assorted sizes and colors. Many of our products can be sterilized by autoclave, EtO and gamma.


Our offering includes:

  • Pinch clamps
  • Slide clamps
  • Roller clamps
  • Flow clamps
  • Re-opening clamps
  • Non-reopening clamps
  • Closure clamps
  • Catheter clamps
  • Hose clamps 



Spectrum Plastics Group offers vented and non-vented chambers and chamber assemblies in a variety of sizes and colors for fluid administration.


Our offering includes: 

  • Burette chambers
  • IV drip chambers
  • Micro drip chambers
  • UV blocking chambers


Spikes and Caps

Spectrum Plastics Group offers vented and non-vented spikes, specialty spikes and caps.


Our offering includes:

  • Transfer spikes
  • Spike assemblies
  • Spike filters
  • Spike aps
  • Barbed connectors




Spectrum Plastics Group offers a variety of valves, stopcocks and swabs. 


Our offerings include:

  • High-flow check valve
  • In-line check valve
  • Luer activated check valve
  • Duckbill check valve
  • Dual check valve
  • 1, 2, 3, and 4-way fluid direction stopcocks
  • 1-way stopcock
  • 3-way stopcock
  • Swabs



Comprehensive Tubing Solutions

The Spectrum Plastics Group offers comprehensive tubing solutions for your medical device needs. 

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