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Silicone Molding

Silicone Molding is as much as specialty of the Spectrum Plastics Group as precision thermoplastic injection molding.  Our capabilities include liquid injection molding (LIM/LSR) as well as silicone rubber transfer and compression molding, also in over-, insert-, and micro-varieties. 

Liquid Injection Molding (LIM/LSR)

Liquid Injection Molding is the new market standard for minimally invasive medial devices. Our Xeridiem 1:1 ratio 2 component injection molding process with high strength low viscosity silicone elastomers yields individual and insert-molded parts with virtually no flash at a rapid cure rate, requiring minimal or no post cure and secondary de-flashing operations. As a result, the overall component or device manufacturing process is more efficient and cost-effective for both us and you, the customer.

  • Insert molding of Silicone
  • Over molding of Silicone
  • Micromolding of Silicone


Merger Announcement

Read more about the merger uniting Pexco Medical and Kelpac Medical as the Spectrum Plastics Group. 

Comprehensive Molded Solutions

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