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Cleanroom Facility & Manufacturing

Whether you need high volume molded components, complex or basic tubing or profile extrusions, expert product development, or certified controlled- environment manufacturing and assembly and packaging, Spectrum Plastics Group is ready to serve you with smart, quality solutions you can trust for your most critical projects.

Ideal Conditions Yield the Highest Quality Components

With ISO certified Class 7, Class 8 and Class 100,000 cleanrooms, in addition to multiple portable or soft-walled controlled environments, Spectrum Plastics Group is well poised to execute with precision for those applications where contamination is a risk.

Our equipment can fulfill your needs for molded and extruded products, including insert and over-molded components, as well as device sub assembly, complete device assembly, decoration, and packaging.

Spectrum Plastics Group can support you with whatever volume your program requires. With our current validated equipment we are able to support your low to mid volume programs; for your projects that require high or ultra high volumes and dedicated manufacturing cells, we can develop and implement those as well. We will work with you to optimize your product for manufacturability, reliability, safety, regulatory compliance and competitiveness regardless of whether it is a Class II, IIb or III medical device, working from your original prototype concept to whatever volume production you require.

Our cleanrooms are also equipped to take on projects across multiple markets in addition to Medical, including Defense, Food & Beverage, or other Life Science applications. The environments are hepa filtered, temperature and humidity controlled, and pyrogen tested.

Our longstanding experience in producing everything from high volume basic tubing, implantable components, delivery devices, surgical instruments, minimally invasive devices for advanced procedures, port access systems and much more makes us an ideal solution for your medical molding and extruding needs, and a clear choice for your product development partner.

Cleanroom Assembly

From components to products

We offer manual, semi-automated and fully automated processes.

Cleanroom Extrusion

Ideal Conditions Yield the Highest Quality Components

Spectrum Plastics Group is well poised to extrude with precision for those applications where contamination is a risk.