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Automation Solutions for Customer Challenges in Extrusion Assembly & Fluid Managements

The medical device sector relies heavily on precision and speed, where critical components are pivotal in both saving lives and optimizing healthcare efficiency. Recently, Spectrum Plastics Group, a DuPont Business, was entrusted with a pivotal project for a medical device client involving crucial coil PVC tubing.

PVC coil tubing

The Challenge and Solution

The customer sought PVC tubing crafted from optimal resin, meeting stringent quality benchmarks while adhering to an expedited production timeline. Spectrum's adept technical expertise allowed for a swift, scalable solution.

This specific PVC tubing is vital for administering enteral feeding to patients in hospitals and home care settings. With consistent high demand, ensuring top-notch quality and timely delivery is imperative. The customer's objective was to collaborate with a nearby supplier and ensure uninterrupted daily production while minimizing internal waste costs.

Spectrum’s Tailored Approach

The customer engaged Spectrum due to our shared mission and our capacity for rapid problem-solving, backed by expertise, service commitment, and quality standards.

Our process involved selecting the optimal resin and potential additives to enhance flexibility, UV resistance, flame resistance, and color. Blending high-quality PVC resin with additives in a high-speed mixer ensured uniform distribution and a consistent compound.

Our experts meticulously crafted the PVC tubing to precise specifications. Following extrusion, the cooled tubing was cut to specified lengths and wound into coils for easy transport and storage. Rigorous quality checks were conducted, encompassing visual inspections and tests for tensile strength, flexibility, and chemical integrity.

The final tubing was packaged and stored in a controlled environment to maintain quality before distribution, meeting industry safety and quality standards regulations.


Key Factors in Success

Spectrum’s optimization of production capacity welcomed this new product into our portfolio. This increase in production capacity allowed the client to resume operations, significantly reducing scrap levels. During emergencies, Spectrum ensured smooth material management to sustain uninterrupted production.

Packaging customization guaranteed top-tier product quality, while our adaptable production lines enabled a lead time of fewer than three weeks. Additionally, our secure material storage enabled rapid material retrieval within 30 minutes, streamlining the client's operations.

The Ultimate Outcome

Success stemmed from Spectrum's unwavering commitment to quality, transparency, accessibility, communication, and collaborative partnerships with the customer. Be it complex or simpler projects, our approach prioritizes equal urgency, dedication, and professionalism to consistently deliver the desired outcomes for our customers.

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