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Announcing! A new divisional structure for Spectrum Plastics Group

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Spectrum Plastics Group, the global supplier of medical device specialty components and value-add solutions, is announcing a new divisional structure in 2019, to better serve customers, improve communication and provide overall organizational efficiency. The four divisions include...

Medical Tubing

One of the largest medical tubing operations in the world, with a global footprint, and ability to produce at scale, combined with value-add and contract manufacturing assembly services.

Vascular Technologies

Our most advanced extrusion products and operations, powered by Apollo™ medical extrusion technology, as well as catheter delivery system design, development and contract manufacture services, including silicone components and catheter assemblies.

Specialty Molding

Precision injection molding technologies feature tight tolerance insert, micro, implantable and bioresorbable injection molding targeting the orthopedic, sports medicine, surgical instrumentation and tight tolerance defense and other regulated industry applications.


This division features extruded polyolefin films and converting for commodity bags and specialty sterile packaging. Medical packaging applications include bottom forming web, book bound wicked bags, pouches, header bags and liner bags.

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