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Precision Extrusion Microbore Tubing

The Spectrum Plastics Group features over 60 years of medical extrusion industry experience. Through our Apollo Medical Extrusion brand, our precision extrusion specialties include microbore single and multilumens, balloon tubing, engineered resins, mandrel core and complex designs.  Contact us today to learn more about our microbore surgical extrusions!

Single & Multilumen Tubing

PVC, HDPE, LDPE, Pellethane, Tecoflex, Texin, Tecothane, Grilamid, Vestamid, PP, Peba, Nylon, Polycarbonate, ABS, PETG, Polysulfone, PEI, PEEK, Chronoflex, Chronsil, FEP

  • Dimensional min/max
    • OD 0.0025” min; 4.0” max
    • ID 0.0018” min; 4.0” max
    • Minimum tolerances 0.0005"
    • Multilumen range of sizes from 0.020" (0.5mm) to 0.400" (10 mm)
    • Up to 20 lumens depending upon size of material
  • "Sub-Ultra" Thin Wall tubing (0.016" ID x 0.0005" Wall / 0.235" ID x 0.002" Wall)
  • Super-lubricious PEBA tubing
  • IV Cannula / Catheter Tubing
  • High pressure braided tubing
  • Wire-reinforced, coiled or braided tubing
  • Balloon tubing for 0.5 mm to 50mm balloon
  • Vacuum sizing

Spectrum Plastics openly accepts and encourages engineering development projects, prototype, and production runs. We provide quick-turn solutions to facilitate your innovation, and continuous improvement for manufacturing efficiency.

Microbore tubing

Spectrum Plastics features specialty extruders, typically 3/4", to satisfy the needs of precision surgical tubing at the micro level.  Spectrum Plastics provides catheter extrusions and catheter sub-assemblies.  

  • Complex geometries
  • Up to 20 lumens
  • 7-10 day lead times

Co-, Tri, and Multilayered Extrusion

Spectrum Plastics specializes in co- and tri-extruded tubing, aligning materials with different performance properties for unique applications into a single solution.

  • Multilayered materials
  • Wire encapsulation
  • Coiled tubing
  • Paratubing, solvent and UV bonding
  • Striped tubing
  • Tapered tubing / Bumped tubing

Acetal Mandrel (Solid Rod Extrusion)

Spectrum Plastics also offers, via its operation in Glens Falls, New York, mandrel core extrusion for use in the manufacture of wire-reinforced or braided extruded product.  

  • Consistent diameter, roundness, and smooth surface provide for easy removal with low force
  • Premium layered plain Acetal mandrel
  • Premium layered Acetal blend with silicone surface
  • Economy version
  • Acetal or Silicone Acetal layer with stainless steel wire reinforcing

Merger Announcement

Read more about the merger uniting Pexco Medical and Kelpac Medical as the Spectrum Plastics Group. 


Specialty Tubing Solutions

Click the link above to view Spectrum Plastics Group's specilty tubing solutions for your medical device needs.