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A Full Spectrum of Product Offerings

From our technology and methods that range from development to scalable manufacturing, to our products which include microbore extrusion and intricate micromolding, the Spectrum Plastics Group has what it takes to bring your next medical innovation to market, on-time and in-budget.

  • Medical Tubing

  • Catheters & Components

  • Multi-shot molding

  • Implantable Bioresorbable Molding

  • Insert Molding

  • Micromolding

  • Assembly & Packaging

  • Silicone Molding & Extrusion

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Tubing Extrusion

We extrude partnership

The Spectrum Plastics Group is prepared with deep experience across a wide range of materials, from engineering resins such as Polycarbonate, PEEK, Polysulfone, Pebax®, Polyetherimide (ULTEM®), PLA, various Nylon compounds, Polyurethane and other elastomeric materials, to PVC and HDPE.  All together we process the major medical polymer families. 

Injection Molding

Injecting passion into plastics

A true pioneer in medical plastics injection molding, Spectrum Plastics Group offers advanced injection molding capability, ranging from surgical device two-shot molding, to high performance plastics and bioabsorbable materials, even to micromolding.  We are your go-to injection molding specialists.   


Ever flexible to your needs

More than a designer and manufacturer of medical device packaging and components, Spectrum is your flexible packaging expert.  We’ve become a market leader by developing smart, efficient structures that deliver outstanding machinability on your line and superior quality at the point of care.

Assembled Devices

Mission completion

Spectrum has more than 50 years of experience serving as a contract manufacturing and product development partner.  More recently, we've expanded into finished devices and regulatory services.