Thought Leadership

For over almost 50 years the Spectrum Plastics Group has been developing medical plastic solutions across a variety of medical device and therapeutic applications.  This experience has provided a broad perspective on the specialty plastics industry.  A perspective that has helped to condition leadership as well as innovative breakthroughs in our markets.  And also the trust and confidence of our customers.  Spectrum Plastics Group is sure to be your Trusted Advisor for medical plastics solutions. 

Top 5 Things to Consider When Selecting a Medical Injection Molder

The North American injection molding industry has passed through a number of challenges and changes in the last decade and a half. Obviously, as across the entire Plastics Industry landscape much less all of North American manufacturing, the 2008/2009 financial crisis period played a – if not the most – dramatic role in shaping the profile of the industry today.

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Case Studies

Making Next Gen Medical Look Easy

Leveraging our DFM insights and process.



Forming the Spectrum Plastics Group

The merger of Pexco and Kelpac Medical alters the medical plastics landscape.