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Low-Friction Material Solutions for Catheter Delivery Solutions

An important property for medical devices and catheters is the ease with which they can be inserted into the body lumens and then removed after the device has performed its required function. Therefore, it is desirable to have the least amount of friction as possible between the device/catheter polymer and soft tissue interface.

Most polymers that have low friction properties such as fluoropolymers and HDPE also have low surface energy, which means that they often require surface modification such etching or the use of adhesives for bonding purposes during co-extrusion, reflow and over-molding operations.  ProPell™ low-friction additive is melt blended with different base polymers such as PEBA, TPU and Nylon to successfully reduce their coefficient of friction without considerably affecting the desired mechanical and adhesion strength properties. 

Click here to download a technical sheet and read more about the characteristics and properties of Foster ProPell™ Low-Friction compounds. (Data provided by Foster Corporation)

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Spectrum Plastics is the industry leader for quick-turn, low-friction single lumen, multi-lumen steerable liners, braided shafts and tight tolerance 3D printing filament. We can provide you with these offerings quickly and efficiently. In most cases, tubing and filament can be shipped same day for next day delivery. SHOP NOW


Single Lumen Tubing
  • 35D-72D Pebax® with Propell™


 Beading (Solid Rod Extrusions)
  • 70D Pebax® with Propell™


Multi-Lumen Steerable Catheter Liners 
  • 70D Pebax® with Propell™
  • Dual & Qual Pull Wires 


 Tight Tolerance 3D Printing Filament
  • 25-72D Pebax® with Propell™ 
  • Vestamid ML21 with Propell™


Braided Shafts
  • Inner Liner: 55D Pebax + 20% BaSO4 ProPell Lubricious
  • Outer Jacket: 70D Pebax®





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