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Case Studies

While the product designs, materials, process and fabrication differ, what is common to all these projects is team-based innovative thinking and great collaboration with our customers and markets. Read more below on how we have worked together with our customers to achieve their goals. 

Strong Upfront Engineering Approach Decreases Time-to-Market & Capital Costs

A mid-size, market leading orthopedics company working in the “Memory Metal” field was acquired by a Fortune 50 Medical Device Company. The product line that they had introduced was injection molded using prototype molds without any validated molding processes. This approach produced extremely high scrap rates and a continuous need to replace the prototype molds.  Several suppliers were approached as potential partners, each one asked to develop a long-term strategy for the program.

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Redefining Product Design: innovating catheter capabilities at the component level

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Finishing the job: Spectrum Plastics Group transitions from component provider to complete finished device assembly contract manufacturer

Bringing a medical device to market can take years and requires expertise from several different perspectives and sources. From research and development to material selection and regulatory considerations, there are many parts of the process. When it comes to manufacturing the device, components of the finished product also come from a variety of sources before it is assembled.

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The whole package: How a new, easy-open package becomes thinner, faster, greener – at less cost

Pressure to deliver better, more efficient health care within ever-shrinking budgets continuously pushes providers to squeeze out seconds in the day and dollars off each purchase. Providers are now more price conscious than ever before, affecting decisions throughout the supply chain.

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Making Next Generation Medical Device Manufacturing Easy

Knowing well its Design for Manufacturability (DFM) expertise and process precision, a major player in the orthopedic medical device market wanted to leverage exceptional prior customer relations with the Spectrum Plastics Group to launch an innovative new surgical device for knee reconstruction procedures.

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Long term partnership and process optimization

A young start-up had purchased technology from an industry giant – they had the product, but no place to manufacture it.  The fledgling company needed a contract manufacturer with not only the right equipment, but the right mindset to take on a project they both believed in.

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A Takeover Tool Study – Blood Filtration Systems for Surgery

A leading medical device manufacturing firm, accustomed to only molding internally for more than thirty years, wanted to focus on its core capability and expand its assembly operations by outsourcing. They needed to find a new injection molder to take over and deliver an extensive project within 90 days for a crucial blood filtration and dialysis platform.

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A Breakthrough Medical Procedure Assisted By Spectrum

Deliver complex, specialty tubing for a medical device that would improve women’s health.

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Under pressure: leveraging engineer-to-engineer expertise for customer-based automation

Engineering expertise for customer-based automation

Spectrum Plastics Group extended expertise to an OEM to align tubing extrusion and automation.

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Thought Leadership

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Spectrum Plastics Acquires Apex Resource Technologies

Medical Plastics Leader Enhances Specialty Products Portfolio & Design Engineering Through Acquisition

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